About us


These are the main values that characterize our products.

We follow trends set by designers. We let them inspire us while maintaining the ergonomics of seating. We know how important it is to choose seating tailored precisely to a given space because even small details, such as the colour of the seat shell, can contribute to the overall atmosphere of an interior. That is why our products are variable and you can choose just the right component for you.

Just as our company has been an integral part of the Boskovice region for twenty years now, the unchanging quality of our furniture will stay with you for years to come.

Company philosophy

We continue the tradition of family businesses in the region.

Our motto is reliability and tradition with a personal touch.

"A family business always has more credibility than an impersonal corporation, for staff and clients alike. It shows respect for traditions as well as stability and the will to build a company for future generations. At LD Seating, our whole family realizes their potential and each member has their own unique place here."

Jitka Hurábová

We are located in Boskovice, in the site of a former brickyard, our family heritage. The site houses both our headquarters and showroom where it is possible to view and test our entire product range. You can also visit our other showrooms in Prague, Bratislava and Fulda in Germany.

The assembly and production of a portion of the components of chairs, armchairs and seaters takes place directly in Boskovice, in a large assembly hall. Here, the seats and backrests are manufactured, the control mechanisms are assembled, the covers are sewn and the shells are upholstered.

The sewing and upholstery shop is the heart of LD Seating

Although production automation has become the norm in many industrial sectors, we still believe in the irreplaceability of the human factor. While we swear by minimalism, the sewing and upholstery of furniture requires countless microscopic movements to make everything fit perfectly. Which is why we can't do without the careful and precise handwork of our seamstresses and upholsterers.

Tailor-made seating

You can adapt all our products to your specific needs. Whether it is the visual aspect (colour and upholstery materials) or functionality (armrests, headrest, lumbar support), there are a huge number of options to choose from. Chairs and sofas assembled in this way will fit perfectly into the overall concept of your interior and at the same time you will get furniture you won’t find anywhere else.

Working at LD Seating

Design, technology and human skill

"I still enjoy the opportunity to be involved in the process of manufacturing our products, both in the initial sketches of our designers and in the workshop when I can observe the gradual materialization of the original idea in the hands of our people."

Jitka Hurábová

We multiply the quality of our work by the satisfaction of our employees

In our shops you will find mainly seamstresses and upholsterers from the nearby area. We are happy to give a chance to any talented employee who shows enthusiasm for our work. We want to create a congenial workplace where employees feel valued and sufficiently motivated.


Waste disposal

It is important to us use our production materials efficiently. Our seamstresses sew bags and laptop cases from the remnants of fabrics we don’t use for upholstery. We dispose of waste that has no other use in an environmentally friendly manner.

We will help you
choose the ideal seating.

If you are unsure which chair or seater to choose, we will be happy to show you everything in our showrooms. Based on your requirements we will then select the ideal option for you.

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