New product line LEAF

In recent years, all areas of human activity have taken inspiration from nature. It is no different in our country. This spring we are launching LEAF, a new series of office chairs, and its choice of name is by no means an accident. If you look well at the photo of the chair with its mesh back, you will find that it really resembles a tree leaf.

What are the advantages of LEAF chairs?

• A height-adjustable backrest ensures comfortable seating for taller and shorter people alike.
• The backrest is flexible and adapts to the user's back.
• A coat hanger can be attached to the backrest, which solves the problem of missing hangers in the office.
• An optional headrest relieves overloaded neck muscles.
• An optional depth-adjustable lumbar support is suitable for preventing back pain.
• Plastic parts are supplied in two colours (white and black).


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