New FOLLOWME series

24. 4. 2023

A task chair that does not need any complicated adjustments to adapt perfectly to your body? Let us introduce to you our revolutionary FOLLOWME chair designed by German designer Andreas Krob. You could see and try this chair for the first time last October at the Orgatec international trade fair, where it achieved real success. We have now included FOLLOWME in our regular portfolio.

Technologically, FOLLOWME is the most complicated chair that we have ever developed. Its development took almost four years. In designing FOLLOWME, Andreas Krob, who has received many prestigious awards and has several international patents, focused on an innovative type of backrest. The result is a very flexible backrest, responding flexibly to every movement and providing more natural back support.

Another distinct feature of the FOLLOWME chair is its slightly elevated seat, which helps your spine to keep its S-shaped curve while you sit without a lumbar support or without you paying special attention to your way of sitting. “If you sit on a flat surface, your pelvis tilts backwards. Your spine is deformed from its S-shape into a simple curve and as a result, your intervertebral discs are stressed unevenly, which causes backache. Thanks to the pelvis position determined by the FollowMe system, such incorrect stress is automatically prevented,” explains Andreas. “Whether you are resting your back and thinking, stretching your body upwards to take a deep breath or looking over your shoulder, any small or large movement of your back is immediately reflected in the backrest.”

Our FOLLOWME chairs are made with an aluminium back connection feature in a polished or black painted version. The rear part of the backrest is covered with black mesh while its front can be upholstered with special grey or black knitted fabric stitched in red or with stitched fabric. The stitched seat is upholstered with fabric. We offer a choice of two types of armrests: fixed aluminium ones or adjustable plastic ones. The base is offered in two versions: polished aluminium or black plastic. 

We have also designed a special version of this chair with red details which is very attractive to gamers.



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