Looking back at Orgatec

4. 11. 2022

During the last week of October you could reach us at the international Orgatec Fair in Cologne. We not only exhibited our perennials but also introduced three main new products to be launched next year. By participating in Orgatec we successfully topped off this year’s exhibition season. It was difficult but it was worth it!

We returned from Orgatec full of positive impressions. We are very happy about the feedback received from the trade fair visitors. We achieved success not only because of our products but also as a result of the general concept of our exposition designed by Denisa Řepková.

The star of our exposition was one of our new products, the FOLLOWME chair by German designer Andreas Krob. In designing this chair, Andreas focused on developing a new type of backrest that flexibly adapts to the user’s back and naturally keeps the spine in a healthy position.

What also turned out to be a great success was another new product of ours, the ARCUS chair, which was introduced at Orgatec by its designer Martin Ballendat. Visitors could attend his talk on the complete process of designing a chair. With Arcus, Martin worked a lot with the arc and ellipse. Due to its unusual design, this chair attracted the attention of many Orgatec visitors.

Another new item that we introduced at Orgatec was our NIDO modular seating system, designed by Orlandini Design. Nido is a set of features designed to be combined in different ways and to create seating options that are almost unlimited in terms of size, shape and function. As a result, it offers the perfect creative solution for relaxation zones for companies as well as public areas and it is a great addition to our portfolio. 

We would like to thank all of you who came to talk to us and try our seating products at Orgatec. We are already looking forward to seeing you again at Orgatec in 2024!

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