Meet our sustainable fabrics

16. 11. 2022

Sustainability is important to us, so our offer includes upholstery fabrics that meet the strictest environmental standards. Most of them are made of recycled polyester, whose production process, compared to normal polyester production, leaves a considerably lower carbon footprint and uses less water and energy. 

In order for a fabric to be labelled as sustainable, it must meet strict certification requirements in terms of the origin of raw materials, the production process, use of chemicals, social and environmental responsibility, etc. Such certificates include the EU Ecolabel, Global Recycled Standard and Cradle to Cradle.


One is made of recycled polyester from used PET bottles and it can also be recycled repeatedly as such. Thanks to its high resistance to abrasion, excellent elasticity and easy maintenance, this multipurpose fabric is suitable even for adverse and frequented environments. You can choose from twelve colour shades of this fabric offered by us.


Cura is a multipurpose upholstery fabric that is also made of recycled polyester from used PET bottles. It has a rougher structure and resembles natural fabrics. Nature also inspired the producer’s choice of colours. Each colour consists of two shades (melange) and we offer this fabric in twelve colours.


This fabric is made of recycled polyester from plastic waste that would otherwise end up in a dump. This versatile fabric is distinguished by its excellent elasticity and high abrasion resistance and its attractive appearance remains preserved even if used frequently in busy environments. You can choose from eleven colour shades of this fabric offered by us.

Besides fabrics made of recycled polyester, we offer woollen fabrics. Wool is a natural material which is known for its excellent wear resistance and long life. Moreover, wool is renewable and biodegradable. We have recently included, for example, the woollen fabric Morph in our standard offer. 

Our upholstery fabrics are chosen with great care and so are our leather suppliers. All the leather used by us is a by-product of the meat industry.

Other types of our upholstery fabrics, including their certificates, can be seen in our fabrics collection.

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