2. 12. 2022

Our elegant office chairs of the MELODY DESIGN and MELODY OFFICE series are distinguished by their excellent ergonomics and pure, minimalist design. Both of these series, designed by Orlandini Design, have now been extended by models with fixed armrests, which are parts of the upholstered shell. The new models are available in versions with both medium-height and high shell and with the option of leather upholstery of the upper parts of the armrests for longer durability of these stressed parts of the chairs.

Our MELODY DESIGN and MELODY OFFICE chairs are perfect for prestige places as well as for all-day office work.


Latest news

We have received FSC® certificate

Last year we set several goals regarding sustainability of production. One of them was the maximum possible environment-friendly use of wood resources and obtaining an FSC® certificate for the wood used, for example, for our TRIVI series. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global...

We have received EMAS certificate

Production that is as environmentally friendly as possible is one of our priorities. In practice it means, among other things, that we keep a careful record of all our waste and of our consumption of electricity, water and other resources and comply with applicable standards. That is one of the...