New collaboration with designer Martin Foret

5. 10. 2021

This year Martin Foret joined the group of designers we work with. How did we discover him and what did we create together?

For some time now we have been thinking about designing a new chair. What we had in mind was something simple and elegant, a chair that would fit a cafe or artistically tuned interiors. And this is why the work of Martin Foret caught our eye.

Martin Foret is a young Czech designer who focuses on interiors and products designed for them. He has primarily worked under his own brand Martin Foret and offers his products on an e-shop of the same name. He came to public notice in 2017 when he received the prestigious Red Dot Award for a bike holder called Heart  

He then started crafting products bearing his authentic signature, expanding the portfolio from other bicycle holders, through coffee tables, to large tables. It was at this point that out paths crossed. We contacted him and found out that he was just considering adding chairs to his collection and was looking for a company that would be behind the production process.

And what does Martin Foret have to say about our cooperation and the new chair?

"LD Seating and I hit it off. What I like is that it's a family business, so you see the concrete faces behind the brand. They vouch with their own name that the product they produce will be of high quality. What’s more, they gave me a free hand and facilities where we could test prototypes and the very first chairs together."

We presented our joint work, the TRIVI chair, at this year's Designblok. Its design has won the hearts of the visitors while taking everyone by surprise by how comfortable it is to sit in. TRIVI won't not go on sale until the beginning of 2022, but if you are interested, we accept pre-orders.



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