New LOTUS series

3. 6. 2024

We would like to present to you our new LOTUS chair series, designed by Martin Ballendat.

The LOTUS series includes conference chairs and bar stools with a wooden shell with oak or walnut veneer. The wood that we use in the production of our shells comes from sustainable, FSC®-certified (FSC-C184700) forests and other monitored sources. In order to keep the material as natural as possible, the shell is made from traditional veneer and we try to use as much as possible of what can be created from natural veneer in this kind of shaping. This manufacturing process is much friendlier to the veneer than the shaping of significantly modified 3D veneer, which is also substantially more costly.

Other extraordinary procedures in the manufacturing of the shell are the way the seat part is connected with the backrest and the gradual reduction in shell thickness towards the front edge of the seat and the upper edge of the backrest.

“The design features a kind of open window between the seat and the backrest. That makes the chair light and easy to handle. Because the backrest is a bit wider than the lower part of the shell, the design and curves of the chair evoke the shape of a blossom. That resulted in the idea of calling the chair LOTUS, like the lotus flower. I think the name also symbolises a certain state of mind,” explains Martin Ballendat.

Our LOTUS conference chairs and bar stools are provided in versions with and without an upholstered seat. The steel frame, which is made and painted in our own facilities in Boskovice, is available in many different colours ranging from our standard shades to brick red and sage green. For an additional charge, the conference model can be fitted with pads that allow the chairs to be stacked.

The LOTUS chairs are perfect for cafés, bistros, restaurants as well as offices.


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