New types of upholstery fabrics

Together with the OSLO LOUNGE collection, we have included new upholstery fabrics in our range, which are suitable for armchairs and seats from the Lounge and Soft collection, or for offices where you want to create an atmosphere of great comfort.

This upholstery fabric has a coarser structure and resembles natural fabrics. In their choice of shades, the manufacturers were inspired by the world of minerals, with various shades of grey, beige, but also bolder burgundy. Each shade consists of two tones (melange). Made of 98 % recycled polyester, Cura helps to save material resources.

A first glimpse of this woollen fabric, with origins in the English county of York, reveals how exceptional it is. The distinctive texture gives it a slightly rustic look, but it is very pleasant to the touch. If you choose it to upholster furniture, you will get a timeless piece. Thanks to its high weight, this coating fabric is basically indestructible.

In addition to upholstery fabrics, we have also updated our range of nets. RIB and RAY fabrics are universal and can be used on all mesh backrests
in the LD seating collection.


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