NIDO: a new modular seating system

9. 10. 2023

We are presenting to you our NIDO modular seating system, created by Orlandini Design, Italy.

The NIDO consists of several features designed to be combined in different ways, to be very easily assembled and to create seating options that are almost unlimited in terms of size, shape and function. That means you can assemble a one-seat armchair, a piece of seating furniture for three or a large sofa. It depends only on your needs and imagination. 

As a standard, we offer the NIDO as a one- to three-seat piece of furniture with a steel base. Other shapes can be combined using our online configurator. You can also choose the sitting height: an ottoman, a low or high backrest, which can also be combined in various ways. It is also possible to add built-in wooden tables with oak veneer, lumbar pillows and electric sockets.

The NIDO modular system is also remarkable because it is made completely – including all the individual components – at our production facilities in Boskovice, Czech Republic.

With its variability, the NIDO is the perfect creative solution for relaxation zones for companies, hotels and public places.



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