PUR seating – a new manufacturer of foam padding

11. 1. 2022

It is with pleasure that we introduce PUR seating, our new supplier of chair and armchair padding. The similarity in the company names is no coincidence; we are the company’s founder together with Essepieffe, a leading European manufacturer of polyurethane products based in Italy.

Essepieffe has its manufacturing located in Italy from where it distributes products all over the world, and for many years we have imported its products to Boskovice. Thanks to the establishment of PUR seating, we are now able to manufacture the foam padding ourselves, which simplifies logistics and supply. At the same time, we contribute to protecting the environment because before, we used to transport material from Italy every two weeks.

We produce seats for classic office chairs as well as more complex parts and bodies for the HARMONY and HARMONY MODERN, FLEXI, FUNGHI and MELODY series.

Thanks to the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of our staff, we are able to produce foam products not only for our own needs but also for other companies that look for ways to prioritise quality solutions and avoid mass production.

In addition to furniture, these can also be bus and rail seats, parts of child seats or medical beds.


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