The ARCUS and FOLLOWME task chairs win the German Design Award

5. 12. 2023

The German Design Awards were awarded recently and two of our new products of this year – the ARCUS and FOLLOWME task chairs – were nominated.

The German Design Award is one of the most important international design competitions. Every year, its jury consisting of leading experts from all design fields judge interesting products and projects from all over the world. The jury focuses on the design with an emphasis on innovation, quality, sustainability and benefits to the user.

We will not keep you in suspense any longer and will tell you how our chairs did in the competition.

The ARCUS won the Excellent Product Design – Office Furniture category, thus adding another important award to the Red Dot Design Award, which it was given in the spring. The chair was designed by Martin Ballendat and its essential part is a distinct arc, which harmoniously flows into an organically designed backrest frame. The arc gives the backrest a unique character and it also works as a practical handle. Viewed in profile, the back forms a classic, harmonious S-shape with an accentuated lumbar spine curve and with a light shoulder support. “The world is manly enough, which is why I focused on elegant feminine curves,” says Martin Ballendat.

The FOLLOWME does not fall behind: it won a Special Mention in the Excellent Product Design – Office Furniture category. In designing this chair, Andreas Krob focused especially on an innovative type of backrest, which flexibly responds to every movement and provides more support for the back without having to be adjusted in a complicated way. Another important feature of this chair is its slightly elevated seat, which helps your spine to keep its S-shaped curve while you sit without a lumbar support or without you paying special attention to your way of sitting. “If you sit on a flat surface, your pelvis tilts backwards. Your spine is deformed from its S-shape into a simple curve and as a result, your intervertebral discs are stressed unevenly, which causes backache. Thanks to the pelvis position determined by the FOLLOWME system, such incorrect stress is automatically prevented,” explains Andreas Krob. “Whether you are resting your back and thinking, stretching your body upwards to take a deep breath or looking over your shoulder, any small or large movement of your back is immediately reflected in the backrest.”

We are very proud of the awards and happy to get positive feedback on our seating furniture not only from users but also from design experts.


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