We have received EMAS certificate

10. 1. 2023

Production that is as environmentally friendly as possible is one of our priorities. In practice it means, among other things, that we keep a careful record of all our waste and of our consumption of electricity, water and other resources and comply with applicable standards. That is one of the reasons why we can now say with pride that we received the EMAS certificate at the end of last year.

EMAS stands for Eco Management and Audit Scheme and it is based on ISO 14001. The certificate may be received by companies that are environmentally friendly and that minimise the negative impact of their activities on the environment beyond their statutory obligations.

The EMAS certificate is one of the steps on our journey towards sustainability. Firstly, we try to manufacture most of our components ourselves in our own facilities in Boskovice. The more we manufacture ourselves, the less we need to import and as a result, we do not harm the environment by using road transport. Secondly, we effectively process our leftover materials. And, last but not least, in order to be more self-sufficient in terms of electricity, we are going to install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our production plant this year.

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