We have received FSC® certificate

18. 1. 2023

Last year we set several goals regarding sustainability of production. One of them was the maximum possible environment-friendly use of wood resources and obtaining an FSC® certificate for the wood used, for example, for our TRIVI series.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global non-profit organisation promoting responsible forest management and helping owners to take care of their forests. It also advocates the growing of forests consisting of various tree species with regard to the water regime and biodiversity and is opposed to illegal logging and to harvesting wood from areas with genetically modified trees and from forests turned into plantations.

In order to receive the certificate, we had to have an environmental audit done. The audit examined where the wood used in our production comes from and how we process it. 

We passed the audit in December and as a result we received the FSC® certificate.

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