New EVO series

3. 4. 2023

Our new EVO conference chair series by German designer Andreas Krob is distinguished by its functionality, versatility and minimalist design. 

The EVO chairs have an ergonomic plastic shell, fitted to an A-shaped base. “Viewed from the side, the base looks slightly inclined. It facilitates stackability and has a beautifully dynamic shape,” says Andreas.

The plastic shell is very durable – in tests, its retained its original shape even after more than 200,000 load cycles. The 2K process was used in its production, which means that its core, reinforced by glass fibres, is covered by a decorative outer jacket. While the outer side of the shell boasts a high-gloss finish, the inner side is grainy.

The plastic shell, to which an upholstered seat can be added, is supplied in four colours: white, silver, anthracite and black. Our steel bases, which can be fitted with armrests, are supplied in the same colours.

Our EVO chairs are stackable and can also be joined into rows. They are especially suitable for conference halls, offices, waiting rooms as well as modern cafés.


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