2024 — Brno — Czech Republic


The rapidly growing IT company, Codasip, has its offices in the futuristic superstructure of the Centrum Šumavská in Brno, offering beautiful views of the city. The offices, located on the surface area of almost 2,000m², have been designed and created by PREMIER interiors.

The client wished to have a modern, functional interior reflecting corporate values and identity. 
In spite of the requirement to close some of the rooms, PREMIER interiors managed to create the general impression of an airy, open space and smartly implement the corporate identity in the form of colours in the meeting rooms. The seven corporate colours in seven meeting rooms are reflected not only by certain features on the carpets but also, for example, by the coloured stitches of the office chairs.

We have provided several types of our chairs and armchairs. The meeting rooms are furnished with our Harmony and Flexi Light chairs. Office employees sit on our Leaf task chairs and the kitchen and dining room include our Flexi Chairs. On the client’s request we customised the coloured stitching of some models and thanks to our own painting shop it was not a problem for us to customise the bases, some of which we exceptionally provided in black or white.


Photographer: Oldřich Hrb


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