We are exhibiting at the Designblok Festival in Prague

25. 9. 2023

The largest design and fashion festival in Central Europe us coming soon and we will be present with our exposition, as usual. The 25th edition of the Designblok international festival will be taking place from 4th to 8th October at the Trade Fair Palace and at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

This year’s theme of the Designblok is JOURNEY and visually the event returns to the image of a hare, which was part of the festival’s logo for many years. On the occasion of the festival’s important anniversary, there will be many special projects. They include, for example, a magnificent travelling exhibition called Designblok Cosmos, and a publication You Can’t Escape Design! describing the past quarter century of Czech design and its role in the society. 

Our exposition

Before the initial sketch becomes comfortable seating furniture, interesting in terms of design, the chair has to go a long way: from the designer’s mind to the dexterous hands of seamstresses to completion and final quality control. Our exposition will show you how an idea becomes reality. You will also have an opportunity to see our new ARCUS and FOLLOWME office chairs. The exposition has been designed by Václav Mlynář and the Monument Office studio.

As part of our exhibition, you can also look forward to a designer Martin Ballendat's talk, who designed the ARCUS task chair for us. The lecture entitled "From the first idea to serial product" will take place on 5th October at 7.30 pm on the Respekt Stage in the Velká Dvorana of the Veletržní palác. Do not miss it!

Come and see us at the Designblok. You will find us in the Superstudio in the Trade Fair Palace, location P.06.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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