2022 — Brno — Czech Republic


CoolPeople’s new offices are situated in Vlněna Office Park in Brno. Their interior was designed and created by architect Andrea Pastrnek, Jan Kulig and Project Management Service.

The new offices provide not only a high user standard but also a design experience. The somewhat experimental way of using space offers working and relaxing zones, which are both very spacious. The offices are furnished with our Leaf chairs while the meeting rooms include our Flexi chairs. In the relaxing zones, the employees can sit on our Flexi Lounge, Oslo Lounge and Relax chairs and use our Kubik Boxes with Spot tables. The kitchenettes, which resemble hipster bistros as required by the employees, include our Sunrise chairs. 


Photographer:  Pavol Bigoš / Pinarto studio 


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